What Are Interpersonal Skills?

What are interpersonal skills and why are they important for event planning? Well, as event planners are dealing with people all the time, there is certain behavior and conduct that would be accepted from them.

Getting to the answer, interpersonal skills are all our behaviors and feelings that we exhibit while interacting with others. Can on e really develop good interpersonal skills? Well, not really, or at least not consciously. These skills have been integrated into us right as a child from watching our parents, and our peers. One has to show good examples of interpersonal skills while hosing an event. We all know hosting these events can get frustrating at times when things are not running as we planned. The event planner not only has to be at his best behavior all the time, he also has to make sure that everyone is having a good time and enjoying the event. As an event planner, all of these things are expected from us.

People hire event planners solely for the reason that they want the event o tog ell and without any hassles. Go through the list of interpersonal skills, which are a must in any event planner:

• Shows patience
• Is polite and courteous
• Has good manners
• Uses good language
• Has good listening skills
• Shows confidence in decision making
• Can organize good team work

Developing these interpersonal skills will go along way to define your success as an event planner. How we deal with others can influence our professional as well as personal lives. Showing good examples of interpersonal skills in careers like event planning will build our confidence and enhance our relationships with others. The event planner will need to go out of the way to make his clients feel comfortable with him and give him confidence that everything will go out the way as planned.


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