The Basic Event Planning Checklist

Browsing through the event planning checklist will make sure you have thought about your event in depth and the planning involved. As the event planning checklist template is generic in nature, it may not necessarily apply to all the events. However, it is a good way to avoid missing out on any little but important details, which, when overlooked, can impact your event negatively.

Special event planning checklist template

Before the Event:
• Have you identified the idea of the event
• Have you located the funding sources
• Have you identified your target audience
• Have you enough facilities for seating arrangement, special set-up, special equipment
• Will food be served?
• Is security needed?
• Have you properly publicized your event?
• Are you sending out invitations?

On the Day of the Event
• Have you double checked the facilities?
• Have supplies been checked?
• Have you re-confirmed that workers will carry out their job?
• Have you thanked everyone involved?
• Have you collected all the invoices/receipts for financial transactions?

After the Event:
• Have you evaluated the program?
• Have you sent thank-you letters?
• Have all bills been paid?
• Have you held a meeting to discuss how everything went, and make suggestions for further improvement?
• Were you able to achieve your goal?

Make sure to keep the above event planning checklist handy and you will sure have a successful event.


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